Looking back on 2009

2009 was a good year. Not only did it bring me personal happiness, but it also brought me the enthusiasm to carry on working as a freelancer designer and illustrator. Knitting was a huge part of it, not only because of the creation of abbrigate*, a huge thing on itself, but also because I challenged myself as much as I could pushing me to try and do things I didn´t know I could or knew how to do.

In knitting terms, it meant knitting a huge blanket, knitting a sweater in the round (with cables!), and another one, this time top down, with a zipper sewn in.

I missed my goal of knitting with more than one colour on a given garment, but that I´ll leave for 2010.

For now, I wish everyone as much as I wish for myself: peace and health. For me, though, I´ll add lots of practice on the ability to embrace uncertainty and face change gracefully. I´ll fake until I make it.

Happy 2010!

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  1. Andrea says:

    I'm a great fan of the fake it till you make thing. Let's make it a mantra for this year!

  2. Jesse says:

    Happy 2010 to you too! It was lovely to see your work last year, and I'm looking forward to what you do this year.

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