Almost mugged – but not actually

Last Saturday we were almost mugged by two girls who tried to steal my camera. There go our prejudices regarding who looks suspicious and who doesn´t, because they looked absolutely normal, they could be your teenage kid´s friends. Or your kid, actually. Grrr.

Anyway, for some unknown reason we both fought back and I got to keep my camera, as well as all other valuables I was carrying (ID, basically, I don´t even want to think about losing my ID card here and having to go to the police station to report it – been there and it isn´t nice). Well, all this to say that I have my camera and I can still take pictures with it.

And that´s what I did. I took pictures of the vest I finished for my younger niece:
Coletinho da C2: terminado!

And I even took pictures to its picot edging, which I learnt specially for this project, as crochet is just not my thing (or maybe I should say crochet wasn´t my thing?):
Coletinho da C2: terminado!

And documented my older niece´s matching vest:
Coletinho da C1: ainda falta um bocadinho...

(both vests are Signé Summer Top by Lisbeth Kjeldsteen. Ravelled here.)

I also photographed some sketches for a new pattern for abbrigate* – my first pattern, how exciting! – to send to my sister in London:
New design in the making

And then I took lots and lots of pictures of the blooming jacarandas here in the city. November is definitely the best month to visit Buenos Aires.
Jacarandas in Buenos Aires

Jacarandas in Buenos Aires

I´m thankful for having my camera! And for everything, really.

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  1. Jesse says:

    Lovely photos, as always! (The jacarandas are spectacular here too at the moment)

    I'm so glad you got off lightly from the almost-mugging! Well done for fighting back. It's very disconcerting, realising that you can't tell who the baddies are….

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