Morningside neckwarmer

A frogged project is all I can write about now. I had an urgent project landing on my desk a few days ago and it was just sent to production. During these few days, it was all I worked on during work hours, after hours and even before hours. I went to bed late yesterday and I had lunch very late today. That is why talking about the frogged project seems like a holiday to me!

So, about the Morningside Neckwarmer. I´m not sure wether it was brioche stitch or the combination between the yarn and the pattern. Something wasn´t working for me. I love the neckwarmer and I love the ribbed and puffy result of this stitch – I just don´t appreciate knitting it. I didn´t the first time, I didn´t now. I wonder if I´ll give it a third try though – life is too short to insist on something that seems not to be rewarding.

I knitted a few rows, I practiced the sequence of movements, I appreciated the ingenious way of achieving a ribbing… and I frogged it. And moved on to another project. I love knitting, specially because I knit what I want, when I want, at the speed I want. Or can. Or both, really: I knit slowly but fully enjoy the process.

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