My growing yarn stash

I went to Portugal for my vacation and took the opportunity of buying quite a reasonable amount of yarn, specially yarn that isn´t available here in Argentina. I also asked my sister in London to bring me a “combo” of natural fibres from her LYS and – finally – could get my hands on some hanks of Malabrigo, the uruguayan yarn not available in Uruguay (nor Argentina, for that matter).

So, arriving from London, via Lisbon:

Rico design essentials cotton dk
Two gorgeous mercerized cotton skeins by Rico Design.

Malabrigo silky merino
The famous Malabrigo Silky Merino, which had a really long journey from Montevideo, Uruguay, to Buenos Aires, Argentina, via London and Lisbon.

Debbie Bliss cashmerino (dk and aran)
Debbie Bliss´ Cashmerino, both in aran and dk weights. They are so soft and nice, I´m seeing lots of Christmas presents being done with these!

Bel Air
I do not know this yarn´s name, but the brand is Bel Air. It feels like a cloud.

Now, the yarns I bought in Portugal:
Rosários 4 Sole Latte and Pop Corn
Rosários 4 is a portuguese brand that carries lots of different fibres, like milk and corn fibres, for instance. I caught the end of the season sale and, although it was cheaper deal, some of the skeins were a bit worn. Still, I think they´ll look great when knitted.

Rosários 4 Butterfly 100% Silk
Again, a yarn from Rosários 4, this time made of 100% natural silk. It feels incredibly soft against the skin, which makes it perfect to wear near the neck (more Christmas presents?).

Hemp for knitting by lanaknits
Imported 100% hemp yarn from Lanaknits. I´m mostly curious about this yarn, as per its description it is the perfect yarn: it is machine washable; fresh in the summer, warm in winter; it gets softer with every wash. I wonder how knitting it will be like? Will there be a catch? The colours are beautiful too, so I´m thinking what I should do with them. Thinking hat on…

Kauni 100% wool
This Kauni 100% wool yarn has a very singular characteristic: it has only one colour change, going gradually from this fuchsia pink to purple. It looks very warm and my bet is that it will become a lot softer after washing and blocking.

And then there are some local (argentine) yarns I want to show you, but that´s something for another post…


  1. Billy says:

    Lindas, no? 🙂 Pero hay que decirlo, en mi favor, las estoy usando. Encima hace rato que no voy a Scalabrini Ortiz!

  2. Andrea says:

    yummy! 100% silk! dejame decirlo de vuelta: yummy!!!! Lo mejor de tu viaje habrá sido visitar la familia, pero el super stash está super deseable, eh? 🙂
    Well done!

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