Introducing abbrigate*

My very dear blog readers,

The last couple of months I´ve been writing about an exciting project I was working, not being able to disclose as much information as I wanted. So today is the day and I introduce you to abbrigate*

It is a common project with Joji, my associate and “partner in crime”, as I like to say. I hope you enjoy visiting as much as we´re enjoying putting it together!

So this is how the story goes…

Once upon a time, in a far, far away land, two wizards joined forces against cold weather and came together to create abbrigate*, a new brand of hand-knitted, deliciously yummy baby wear to protect the youngest of the youngest from the cold.

Joji, one of the wizards, was a mom of two little wizard-apprentices. She used her knitting powers ever so intensely that one day she found out there was not one, not one single boy or girl suffering from shivers in those chilly days and nights of winter. Suddenly, she had no one else to knit for, because everybody around her was warm and cozy.

One day, Billy, the other wizard of this tale, told Joji:

“Oh, dear friend, don´t be sad! Why don´t you use your powers to keep children warm… everywhere in the world? There are other kingdoms out there who may be in need of your amazing knitting powers!”

We all know wizards never quit, so Joji and Billy sat down with their wizardry books and made an oath:

“We shall keep all babies warm and cozy during those chilly days and nights throughout the year!”

And, after repeating it three times, abbrigate* came to life.

abbrigate* is a mom-owned brand of hand-knitted, ecological baby wear.

abbrigate* garments have an unique character because:
– they´re exclusively designed by abbrigate*, for abbrigate*; they can even be customized by embroidering the baby´s name!
– they´re ecologically sound: fibres are carefully selected to combine the best materials with ease of care. That´s why we use hypoallergenic fibres that are machine washable.
– they´re handmade by knitters who earn a fair wage by doing something they enjoy.

abbrigate* ´s first line of products is a collection of Baby Kimonos for babies up to six months old. Kimonos come in ten (almost edible, may we add) colours, from the classic rose and blue to bolder alternatives. Future projects include expanding the offer with different models (late 2009), as well as launching specially designed, limited editions of our classic line.

Try our wizardry today and see how good our garments look even after being used by your children, your friends´ children and your grandchildren. And we´re not exaggerating! Find us on:

abbrigate* blog
abbrigate* shop @ etsy
abbrigate* shop @ bigcartel

Join our community, start beautifying your life!


  1. Billy says:

    Obrigada, Ri e Anónimo!

    Thank you, Jesse! I´m glad you agree on their edibility. 😉

  2. TMT says:

    A minha mulher ficou completamente rendida ao babyKimono. Infelizmente o nosso menino já tem 2 anos… É possível encomendar um quimono para 2 anos? Beijinhos,

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