It´s good to be home

Our vacation was splendid, even more than I can describe it, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Well, maybe not the part when it was -15ºC – I wore clothes I didn´t even have names for! – but the skiing and being in Portugal, all with the fish and the seafood, the family and friends we got to meet despite the short time we were there, wow, that was really pleasant.

Now we´re back to winter, to Argentina, and it´s good to be home again. As probably everyone else who lives abroad and goes back home for a short time will understand and relate to, those three days we spent in Lisbon were very good, but very tiring too.

We started off flying south to the very tip of the continent. We had been to Ushuaia once and had since wanted to go back in winter. The town sits on a bay, surrounded by snowy mountains. The ski station is about 30 minutes away and it´s wonderful.

Jumpity jump in Cerro Castor

There aren´t a lot of people around, and there´s almost no waiting for the ski lift. The place is so little populated that we even had this little guy visiting while we were having lunch:

This little guy came to check out our lunch

We then flew to the summer in Portugal:

Saltinhos na praia, claro

Had a wonderful time visiting friends and family, obviously with the best diet around, fish and seafood. All topped with this:


A bit too hot for my taste! (pun totally intended)

And now we´re back and looking forward to showing you everything that has been happening here, but that´s for another post!

P.S. – Thank you all for your good wishes; and thanks for coming back!

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  1. Gaby says:

    Qué lindas vacaciones!! Y con 2 climas extremos! Se ve que lo disfrutaste un montón 🙂

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