Some good news

In April 2007 I moved from Lisbon to Buenos Aires to come and live with my then boyfriend, now husband. Portuguese like me, he had been relocated to Buenos Aires the year before and, really, travelling back and forth between two continents wasn´t very comfortable for anyone.

When I left my design studio in Lisbon I thought that this was the perfect time to start to invest a lot more on illustration, something I always wanted to do but never got the time to, because of all the design work I was having. But one week after coming here I fell ill and had two weeks in hospital and about five months of recovery. It was a very hard beginning of our life together and of my new professional life in another country (or continent, for that matter).

In early 2008, I really can´t remember why, I felt like relearning to knit. I asked my Mom for the basic instructions – I had to refresh my memory and recover all that my grandma had taught me over 20 years ago. What I never thought – and couldn´t imagine in my wildest dreams – was that knitting would change my life here, for better.

(to be fair, knitting, painting and joining german classes were crucial to my adapting to the city and to getting to know people and make new friends.)

I joined ravelry and then a couple of groups, one of them of knitters here in Argentina. It took sometime before we got together but in March this year we finally did.

That´s where I met most of my knitting friends today, and specially my “partner in crime”, Joji.

And this brings me to the good news: we decided to start a small venture together, which will be launched in September (hopefully). We´re joining forces and skills to build a sustainable, mom and earth-friendly business, which we hope and trust will succeed.

Isn´t this yummy?

Until the day we can launch it publicly (a couple of legal matters are still pending), I´ll leave you with some pictures of the backstage of our photo shoot last Wednesday.

We´re having lots of fun (and hard work too) putting it all together and we´re hoping you´ll enjoy it too.

Join our community, start beautifying your life!


  1. Bau says:

    Bi and Joji – I wish all the best in this new venture, you can already count on me as a fan. Very, very proud (and unbiased, of course!)

  2. Leti Locatelli says:

    I'm so, so happy for the 2 of you! It's awesome to see that my 'little' sister is becoming a business woman… 🙂
    I wish you the best!!!

  3. Célia says:

    Billy and Joji,
    congrats on the initiative! It sound yummy indeed…:)
    Maybe, when i become more knowledgeable in knitting (ahem…) i can be a costumer?

  4. Billy says:

    Bau e Célia, obrigada!!!! Estou num excitex!

    Ale y Leti, gracias! Estoy confiante!

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