After the flu hiatus…

After a full month of flu hiatus, painting classes have resumed. We´re now painting a fixed, standing pose. after the first two-hour session, I had the model pretty much on canvas:


So, on my second session, I wanted to focus on working on the background, something I tend not to work on too much. I´m not sure if it is because I like simple backgrounds, or abstract backgrounds, but it´s usually something I don´t explore that much. During quick pose exercises I usually work out a tiny, undetailed stroke that somehow suggests a context, but that´s mostly it. This time, though, I wanted to focus on the background, as I felt the figure was pretty much done.

After the second session, it looked like this:

I still want to work on the background as I feel the painting to be unfinished. Any ideas?

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  1. Billy says:

    No, Jesús es un santo y se merece un lugar en el cielo, De todas formas, tenía un bastón debajo del brazo, así que la pose es un poco menos incómoda de lo que parece.

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