Another week

Whew, another hectic week! I think that´s because vacation time is just around the corner, right? Work commissions and meetings with potential clients have been pourint in (and I´m certainly not complaining!) and then there´s all the other things I want to do as well.

Still the week started like this:

…followed by four long hours waiting at the police headquarters for whatever documents that were needed. This is a long and funny story, and if you understand portuguese, read it here.

Then, on a very good note, we had a birthday boy here at home. As usual, giving gifts to him is no easy task so it took me about a month of thinking, searching and actually buying and making things. I found him an old pasta-cutting machine, made of iron, I believe and fully functioning (mechanical things keep beating digital ones in longevity).


And then the mystery sweater I had to sneak-knit:


He loved both! And the great sport he is, he was totally fine trying on a work-in-progress sweater, needles and stitch holders and all. (I´m relieved that the sweater fits.)

And now, back to work. One more week to go and then… holiday!

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  1. Gaby says:

    Vas muy rápido con el pullover!!! Se va poner re contento tu amor!! 🙂

    Acordate de develar el misterio del sábado…

  2. Billy says:

    Gracias Gaby! Sabés que todavía no lo terminé? Sí que tejo lento…

    Bau, é gira a máquina, não é? A camisola já tu a viste. Como andam os teus esforços tricotadeiros?

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