Happy weekend!

My mood board is happy

Whew! What a week this was, with a sore back and my oral german exam. My back is perfectly fine again, stretching and stretching and stretching again paid off and I could soon go back to working as usual, taking special care in maintaining a good posture.

My german exam went fine too. It was actually funny because the first part was to make a solo presentation of a given subject. I had to speak (in german…!) about women, careers and raising a family. I thought I´d never get to the three or four minutes required but… suddenly I had the two very nice examiners telling me that it was enough. I felt like laughing and laughing because yet again there´s another evidence that I am, as my younger sister puts it, talkative.

I received very good news workwise (a publisher who is interested in seeing more of the common projects my friend and colleague Ana and I have) and a couple of new commissions came in.

Looking back, I think I need a weekend now!

Happy weekend everyone!

(Above, a drawing my 4 year old niece made specially for me, during a skype call. I know I am a very proud aunt!)

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