Gigantic Pi Shawl Blanket: finished!



Believe me, I could post a lot more photos of this blanket: my enthusiasm after finishing it was so big, I took a lot more photos of it than were needed for illustration and documentation purposes. Most of them are here, so you can hop over there to see them may you wish.

This was a beautiful yet mindless knit, just like Elizabeth Zimmerman had suggested for her July-slash-summer holiday knit in her Almanac. When I was about 30% on my fifth skein, I decided to stop enlarging the blanket and proceed to finish it. Just as EZ suggested, I made the garter stitch border (a new thing for me, loved learning it). Now this was probably the most frustrating part because it´s knitted back and forth and you have to keep turning your work after eight stitches. Well, I wasn´t turning the whole blanket, of course, but still it was a bit patience-trying. It took me another full skein to finish, so my blanket has a total of six 150g skeins of pure handspun wool. I´m glad I persevered, though, because the result is simple and beautiful, just like the whole blanket. It´s ravelled here.

After washing and blocking it became super, super soft and its drape is amazing! I can´t stop contemplating it… and I really like this small detail:


But I must: german exam is tomorrow and there´s still a bit of studying left for me to do.

Have a great week!

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