Oh, how I love to use newly acquired words (enchastre) and modify them to suit me (enchastration)! One of the things I clearly stated as a personal objective when I came to live in Buenos Aires was to sound, as much as possible, as a local speaker. We all know it isn´t that easy, specially to master a new accent for an already known language when you´re a grown-up, but still, I´m trying.

One of the things I love to learn is new words, specially those that aren´t taught in language classes; not necessarily cursing, but, you know, slang. It´s good to know some slang, specially to understand when taxi drivers talk to me. Or teenagers – not that I know many teenagers here. Or basically everyone.

So enchastre means… well, it means what it means and I decided to call these yarn handpainting session the “echastration”. I hope at least one argentine reader will care to explain its meaning.

Following Joji´s directions we all put on gloves and got ready to paint.

This is what the wool looked like before the enchastration began:
Before the enchastre

Some colours waiting to be applied:
colours prepared

What my skein looked like:
violet and blue

Though the blue washed out a bit after rinsing, I´m still very happy about the whole experience (and the possibility to distort a word, of course). The dry wool is now waiting patiently for me, with the good care of my friend Virgi.

Andre, who was also there, has a voting going on about wether or not we´d want her to do a podcast. Please, go there and vote on “Me encantaría”!

The rest of the photos live here.


  1. Andrea says:

    jaja, como me gustó enchastrating…
    Sos muy graciosa, Billy, cómo me hacés reir, gracias.

  2. Billy says:

    Andre, y si alguién me llega a preguntar qué es eso de enchastrating, qué digo? Estaría bueno que una verdadera argentina lo explicara… 🙂

  3. Joji says:

    Enchastre: acto en el que algunos argentinos: hacemos lío, nos ensuciamos, desordenamos, nos untamos en cosas que manchan y sobre todo nos divertimos mucho!!!

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