Great Ocean Road sweater, now totally, fully, a 100% complete

my sweater, now completed!

Maybe it doesn´t show (ahem…) but I absolutely love this sweater. It´s based on the Victoria Yoke Pullover, but very much modified: a zipper instead of the row of buttons the pattern calls for and long sleeves instead of the elbow-length ones.

The wool was bought during the Handicrafts Fair here in Buenos Aires, directly to the producer. It´s hand-dyed and hand-spun and it was a pleasure to knit with. I started it here, then took it with me to our honeymoon in Australia and the long, long rows of stockinette stitch were done while in the car, looking at such amazing landscapes such as the ocean in the victorian seaside. The blue of the wool and the sea made me – probably not very creatively – name it “Great Ocean Road”, like the beautiful one there. My mind just wanders when I think about the smell of the sea and the taste of salt in the wind! Can you tell that I miss terribly being near the sea? A girl from Lisbon like me certainly has a hard time here in Buenos Aires when it comes to the need of a blue horizon!

While knitting it, the idea of adding a zipper instead of the called-for buttons gained shape and uopn my return to Argentina I was fortunate enough to have made some new friends, who gave me their opinions. And this – having friends with knitting opinions – is such a luxury, not only because most of my friends don´t knit, but also because most of them live somewhere else.

Then, another of my lovely new friends offered to help me with the zipper.

And finally, the Little Red Riding Hood ribbon from Retrosaria arrived in the mail and I could put it over the back of the zipper.

And… guess what I´m wearing today!

More photos here.

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