Twenty years later…

…has the situation in China changed?

Twenty years ago, on this date, the tanks rolled up on Tiananmen square. It was a Saturday morning, a regular school-day at that time, but a typhoon nearby raised the alert and classes were suspended. We were at home, as outside the wind ssemed to be nearly breaking our windows. We watched the news in disbelief, feeling it couldn´t be possible such a move for the chinese authorities. It did happen, though, and it was an exciting day – because something was about to change – but mostly a sad day – because, knowing how China is, probably nothing would change.

Looking back, has it changed? Probably yes, but the claws of censorship are still there and all we get to see are the good parts. China and its people deserve more.

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  1. Andrea says:

    Sad as it is, change needs time. Small comfort to the real chinese people who actually have to life through the process. I'm afraid not much has changed.

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