working on a new book

The past few days have been spent, among other things, working a new book with my friend Ana (another Ana!), who lives in Madrid. She did a wonderful job writing and it´s my turn now to make this a book people (young and not so young) will enjoy. So far, I´m loving working on it, researching and basically trying to make the leap from usually very figurative illustration into something less descriptive. Obviously, no pictures of the actual illustrations to be shown yet, not even little preview bits, because I´m still not at that stage. Still, lots of fun.

What are you attracted to? Figurative, descriptive illustrations? Or more abstract or symbolic ones?

Here´s a great post about common prejudices and misconceptions about illustrated books for children (in portuguese).

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  1. Jesse says:

    That looks like the hardest part – but also fun. The article sounds fascinating; I’ll have to see if I can get it translated.

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