Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

One of the landmarks of Sydney, New South Wales and even Australia is the city´s Opera House. You only need to look at it to understand why, of course, as its roofs/sails draw the best-know-and-most-recognized-building-sillouete across the globe. The story, very nicely told here, is a tragic one, involving fear, uncertainty and an architect, Jørn Utzon, that “divorced” himself from the project while it still was under construction.

The guided tour takes us to the backstage of the Opera, to areas where a person attending a show doesn´t usually go. It also takes us to the main opera room and a secondary one, the foyer and the Jørn Utzon room, the only one totally designed by him.

It was definitely one of the highest points (among all the highest points) of the trip – a building not to be missed!

Sydney Opera HouseMain venue´s foyer.

Sydney Opera HouseLooking out from the foyer.

Sydney Opera HouseRoof structure detail.

Sydney Opera HouseThe toilet. Even the toilet is nice!

Sydney Opera House Jørn Utzon room, the only one fully designed by the architect. The tapestry´s design is also his.

More photos of the Opera House (and our trip to Australia) here.


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