La vie en bleu


Last weekend was a productive one: I finished Great Ocean Road Sweater´s second sleeve (not at my first attempt, though, but that´s another story) and blocked it. There´s a zipper to be sewn into the opening that it has, but that will be left for after next Saturday, the day of our knitters´ meeting. Gaby offered to teach me how to do it, so I´m looking forward to the weekend.

Hemlock blanket

I also started the Hemlock blanket with a very bulky yarn, the one left over from the Owls sweater. So far I´m enjoying working lace with such a thick yarn; I believe the trouble will come when I need to block it, though… and boy, is it going to need need a very tight blocking!

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  1. Joji says:

    Vi las fotos en Flickr… Está tan liiiiindo! Ojalá después muestres fotitos de cómo te queda…

  2. Gaby says:

    Qué lindo!!!Me encanta!!! Acordate de llevar hilo y aguja
    Ya compraste el cierre?

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