Have you ever seen Antartida this way?

have you ever seen Antartida represented this way?

Well, I hadn´t, not until we took the (extremely long) flight from Buenos Aires to Sydney. I love air transportation, really, I do, it allows friends and family to come over and allows me to fly to Portugal and see them, and travel, and all that, but flights longer than 12 hours non-stop creep me out.

The flight to Sydney is fourteen hours long but – thank the airplane gods – it´s direct. The previous route included stop overs in Santiago and Auckland, and boy, was it a long journey.

I had never seen Antartida represented this way; for me, it was always a white, funny-shaped strip on the bottom of the map. Seeing it this way was sort of eye opening. We all know the planet is round, but I guess I never really visualized it.

See? Travel is good, it should actually be tax-deductible. Right?