Knitting in Sydney

I know I´m going to repeat what has already been said by so many, but it´s amazing how taking up knitting has changed my life! Here in Buenos Aires it has helped my adaptation to this new city more than anything I can think of. Well, painting has helped a lot as well, so I´ll make that a tie.

While travelling, tourists normally don´t mix much with locals – for all the obivous reasons, of course. Knitting is an antidote against that, or better still, a pass for tourists to meet locals. And that´s such an enriching experience, specially because there´s always one common language – knitting. Mention yarn, needles, gauge or knitting and purling and there´s some common ground between complete strangers.

That happened to me as well in Sydney. As I mentioned previously, I went to the former Tapestry Craft, now Morris and Sons to buy some yarn and join the knitters´meeting I knew happens every thursday. It was so nice! For two hours, I sort of forgot I was a tourist in Sydney. Apart from the fact that I had to speak english (my usual knitting meetings involve spanish), I felt immediately at home and a connection with everyone else. Obviously everyone is different, but what a common ground we all had there!

(photos kindly taken by Paulo, who came a bit early to pick me up so that he could catch us all for digital posterity)

Guys, thank you so much, I felt so welcome! I hope your knitters retreat was nice! (By the way, Jerry Springer the Opera was a very funny and provocative show and the venue, your Opera House, is… well, I guess I have no words to describe how amazing and beautiful it is.) See you soon, next time maybe in Argentina?

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  1. Tia (aka Vintage Grrl) says:

    It was lovely to meet you, too! It’s always good to have visitors in our midst. I keeps us on our toes too 😉

  2. LynS says:

    What great photos – we all look very relaxed and cosy. Knitting in Argentina is a most tempting idea, but I can’t imagine it in my near – or even medium – future.

  3. Kate says:

    It was fun to sit next to you and be a (less exotic) visitor 🙂
    One day I’ll get to Argentina – one day….

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