Yummy yarn from Australia part II

The other yarn shop I visited was the former Tapestry Craft, now Morris and Sons.

Lovely yarn from Australia

I went there on Thursday, the day of their weekly knitters´meeting. First of all, I cannot even begin to describe how nice the shop attendants where. I was thoroughly shown and explained what yarns there were that were australian and came home with yarns that are of australian origin and made abroad. Well, they were so yummy I decided that that would be australian enough for me. Anyway, I wouldn´t be able to find them here in Argentina anyway!

I bought some delicious DK tweed and kid mohair from Jo Sharp… and have absolutely no clue of what I´ll use them for. I´m sure I´ll be able to match them when the appropriate pattern comes along!

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  1. Gaby says:

    Yo quiero el tweed!!! Es divina esa lana por lo que cuentan!!! Y los colores que elegiste me encantan!! Lo mismo del Kidsilk

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