Yummy yarn from Australia part I

Lovely yarn from Australia

I haven´t posted much here about my trip to Australia (I posted in my other blog, though) so I think that the yarn I bough there is a very good (and perfectly reasonable) way to start.

Australia, from what I could read on australian groups on ravelry, suffers from the same “condition” we see here in Argentina: lots of high quality wool is produced only to be exported and transformed overseas, and then imported at prohibitive prices. Basically, I think it´s a shame that this happens to most of it. I have nothing against exporting or importing quality yarns, but it´s a pity that almost all local fibre gets exported. But I digress: what I mean to say is that apart from local artists, who sometimes sell online only, LYS in Australia do not have a lot of australian yarns to sell. Still, the ones available are veeeeeeeeeeery yummy, veeeeeeery tempting and… well, impossible to bring them all home.

In Tasmania we made a very quick stop at Ross, a small town near the road that links Hobart to Launceston, the second city. Ross may be a small town but it is home to the Tasmanian Wool Centre, where I bought (for the sake of accuracy, where someone very sweet and nice bought and gave me as a present!) these wonderful skeins of organic wool.

Lovely yarn from Australia

The colours are beautiful and vibrant – I wonder what I am going to use them for?

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  1. Gaby says:

    que colores tan lindos!!! El rosa fuerte, sobretodo 🙂

    Algún pullover o cardigan a rayas??

  2. Billy says:

    Y… no sé, que con este sueter que me estoy tejiendo (siempre el mismo) ya estoy perdiendo un poco la paciencia para tejerme cosas así “grandes”.

    Quizás ahora necesito una pausa con cositas como “cowls”?

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