Sweater season is almost here

that´s why a long sleeve is looooong...

And this winter I´ll have a couple of new sweaters to show! I have never been a big fan of knitting for myself but somehow this is the second one this season. And it´s not even cold yet, so I wonder.

Anyway, this is the Victoria Yoke Sweater that I started before leaving to Australia. At the time of departure, I had started from the top and reached the point where sleeves and body split. I did the whole body during our long car trips in Australia – continuous stockinette stitch is wonderful for this purpose. I decided to insert some modifications into the pattern, such as making long sleeves instead of elbow-length ones. Now, this means that there´s a lot more of stockinette stitch to go through and we´re not having those long and scenic car trips anymore. Well, watching a movie, perhaps?

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  1. Joji says:

    Está quedando taaaaaaan lindo! Definitivamente me gusta más un cierre… Besito!

  2. Billy says:

    Gracias, Joji y Gaby! A ver si termino las mangas rapidamente… acaso saben poner cierres en tejidos?

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