And we´re back!

Terribly jetlagged but very happy with the time in Australia. It was full of adventures and new experiences, good food (realized Australians do a good job when it comes to fish, and this is saying something since I´m veeeeeeeeery tough to please on the fish department), koala cuddling and kangaroo feeding.

Despite the jetlag and its effects (my body takes it time to adapt itself), I feel rested and energized and will soon show some new work finished.

I´m happy to be back!


Apesar do cansaço provocado pelo jetlag, tanto para lá, como para cá, as semanas na Austrália foram maravilhosas, cheias de aventuras e novas experiências, com muitos miminhos a koalas e a cangurus. Embora cansada, estou cheia de energia para o regresso ao trabalho!

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