Last Sunday I attended the painting workshop my teacher organizes once a month in his own studio. It´s a very fun workshop to attend, albeit exhausting! The mind is happy but the body is oh so sore the following days. We fortunately had a holiday yesterday, which was a great way to take a break of this very busy week, but leaving on holidays tomorrow makes everything seem more urgent.

Anyway, going back to the painting workshop, there are two models, a man and a woman, and we start painting short poses; then the poses become shorter and shorter and at a certain point there are no poses anymore: the models sing and dance and we try to capture what we want (or what we can, or what our mind allows us). It´s a stress-inducing exercice that forces surprising expressive traits to come out, since we don´t have time to let our mind play its “formatting” role it usually does. The truth about these exercices is that they are liberating and work wonders as to reduce the power of our own mind´s regulation devices.

Then we analyze everybody´s work and it feels like… well, like group therapy. It´s amazing how we learn so much from others´ works and perspectives.

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