Strange week

This has been a very strange week, strange because there was a holiday on tuesday and the whole work rhythm suffered some (good) modifications, but mostly because we received the news of the death of my uncle. Well, I can´t complain about my life here in Buenos Aires as I love to live here, but when these things happen, I just feel very, very far away. I mean, even if I went directly to the airport the moment I got the news, I wouldn´t have made it on time for the funeral. Not being there with my cousins and aunt made me realize how far away I am. Not that I didn´t know it before, of course.

On a lighter note, we´re now officially counting down to our honeymoon trip to Australia. We have plane tickets, both international and domestic, an e-visa and lots of things on our to-do list there. I´m now compiling yarn and craft stores´ addresses from the very nice and helpful Australian knitters group on ravelry and thinking about all the local yarn I can fit into my suitcase. I can´t wait!

The funny thing is that on our way back, just like Willy Fogg made it into winning his bet, we are going to land in Buenos Aires at the exact same time of the same day we left Sydney! Cool, isn´t it?

Have a nice weekend, everyone!

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  1. Joji says:

    Billy, lamento mucho la noticia de tu tío…
    Qué bueno que ya esté tan cerca el viaje! Qué nervios, no?

  2. Billy says:

    Gracias, Joji!

    Nervios? No, todavía queda una semana entera de mucho trabajo… 🙂

  3. stephanie levy says:

    Oh, you lucky girl 🙂 I’ve always wanted to travel to Australia!! Have a wonderful time!

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