Dialogue at Design for Mankind

If you haven´t heard of “Dialogue” at Design for Mankind yet, go there, now.

Being a freelancer isn´t easy but it has become an increasingly popular carreer path for a lot of artists and designers out there. While everything might look glamorous and shiny read through a blog, living the life of an independent professional isn´t always easy. We all struggle with difficulties everyday, being it self-doubt, fees and pricing of your artwork, finances or pretty much everything you can think of.

Erin at Design for Mankind has come up with this great project where she puts well-known bloggers/independent artists answering some questions on video and the editing makes it look like a friendly chat over a cup of coffee, tea, mate (I live in Argentina, I have to cater for local tastes too!) or whatever drink of your preference. One of the many upsides is that you get to see what those authors whose blogs you´ve read for ages look and sound like. And, guess what, they´re human and have the exact same questions as all of us.

So, if you´re still reading this, head on over to Design for Mankind. Congratulations, Erin!

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