I´m camera-less...

I´m camera-less. My very faithful, always with me digital camera decided to become an impressionist yesterday, after several long years of hard work. I´m sad because it was a present, I´m sad because I was used to it and loved working with it, and mostly sad because apparently it is a defect that Sony is aware of – and still, it appeared after the warranty expired. Now I don´t want to go into the “big corporation” doesn´t care argument here, as apparently Sony US is repairing cameras for free – if you´re in the US. Here in Argentina I was told a huge, bold no and that I would receive a quotation for the repair.

Anyway, this is one of the pictures my camera took while living its impressionist stage:

So that´s why I´m now relying on my laptop´s camera, which of course isn´t neither the most portable camera in the world nor the best quality ever. But still I´m thankful it exists because that way I can show you the papercut I worked on today. I hope to convert it into a card later this week and add it to my shop as soon as possible (but will need a decent camera to photograph the cards, right?).