Last days of summer

Rosedal de Palermo

Lago dos Bosques de Palermo
Though you can´t really tell by my last posts, I have been working. Not as much as I would like as my recent eye laser surgeries have forced me to take it easy with the computer and any detailed work (read “papercut”) I have to do. I´ve been knitting a bit but mostly enjoying looking to those buildings and numbers and letters far away down the road and actually seeing them.

German classes have started for the new school year, I´ll be back to painting classes as well (had to interrupt because of the surgeries), and I just joined a new knitting group, which means that the regular year´s activities will now leave the summer memories behind. And it is fine, though nice weather is always welcome.

Last weekend was dedicated to some home improvement, what with hanging frames on the walls and preparing some new canvases for future paintings. But as the weather was so fine and not too hot, we made a detour to the Rosedal de Palermo, a beautiful, luscious rose garden in the heart of the city, complete with a lake and two bridges. Close by it´s the elected porteño spot for jogging and roller blading, as well as just sun bathing and mate drinking. I love how people here in Buenos Aires take advantage of the beautiful gardens, something you don´t see as often back in Lisbon. Public gardens there are beautiful and well-kept, but for some reason there´s a prejudice that mostly elderly folks and kindergarten kids visit them. I hope the efforts against this prejudice prove to be efficient, because visiting gardens is probably one of the activities I love the most.

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