sketching, sketching...
This has been an atypical week of work. I´ve had corrective laser surgery on my left eye last monday and, until next monday,the day my right eye will be “lasered”, my perception of the world is a blurry cloud. Don´t get me wrong: my left eye is great; my right eye, not so great as I can´t see sharply nor can I wear my prescription glasses anymore.

Looking at small type on the computer is probably the worst of all, and that´s why I´ve been away from the screen most of the time. Knitting, for some reason, is very doable. Really, knitting is probably one of the few things I can do without feeling a weird headache.

So, away from the computer, I´ve been making some sketches for some upcoming projects. I haven´t been able to engage in any sort of larger projects – too much for my blurry sight.

So, until next monday, it´ll have to do.

(if you´re willing to undergo laser eye surgery, don´t be discouraged by words: it´s such a good feeling, the one of having a sharp eyesight, that I still don´t know what to do about it! My experience so far has been great: the process is quick and the recovery was about as long as an afternoon nap afterwards.)

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