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01_leafy garden

My shop is now officially open here. It is now stocked with a couple of products but will soon add some more products. There´s a button that will take you there, too, right there, on the right hand side column, for those of you reading this on a RSS reader.

Whew, this is weird – and good! I hope you enjoy.

If you wish to see more images of the products featured:
Four seasons cards
Leafy garden cards

Thank you for your visit!


A minha loja online está oficialmente aberta! Coloquei aqui na coluna à direita um botão que leva para lá.

Na loja estão dois conjuntos de postais. Para quem quiser ver mais fotografias do que as que aparecem na montra virtual, aqui vão os respectivos links:
Four seasons cards
Leafy garden cards

Obrigada pela visita!

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