Claudine Caron


I made this illustration back in 2000, to send as a thank you to a friend who hosted me in the friendliest manners. She wasn´t expecting me, to tell you the truth: I was travelling with my two good friends, who are actually related to her, from the south of France back to Lisbon. We stopped on the way, just before the border with Spain, to visit her and spend the night at her beautiful home.

Well, I felt a bit of an intruder at the beginning but this feeling quickly faded away with her warm way of welcoming us, the amazing time we had during and after dinner, the sound night´s sleep hearing the Atlantic just outside the window and the comforting breakfast the following day.

During those few hours I felt my life changing a bit, as I was going through a difficult period in my life and Claudine suggested that light was in a lot more places than I could see at the moment. It was beautiful, ephemeral and life-changing.

Claudine passed away this week. I never saw her again, but never forgot her either. This is my hommage to her memory.

Em português, aqui.

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