The magic of music | A magia da música

Yesterday was a day packed full with emotions. It doesn´t happen everyday, so I think it is good to celebrate it. The day started with rather sad news, which are part of life too. The fact that they came early in the day and first in the sequence of events might have had an impact too.

In the afternoon I had my painting class, the last one of the year. Summer break is starting as of next week and regular scheduled classes will only resume in March, so it is a rather long time without these weekly meetings. The final session was to be a special one, with our model dancing.

For the final exercise, the chosen music was very special to me, as I had brought those CD´s myself. I´ve already mentioned it here, actually, but still it amazed me to see how people responded to the music. We were painting and dancing and enjoying the music and the results were so beautifully different. On the analysis that follows these sessions, where we see and comment on everyone´s work, more than one mentioned the music´s impact.

It´s very difficult to describe it, I believe. There are some things that can only be lived, not told.

More images here. And Rodrigo Leão´s website here.


Sobre este episódio escrevi, em português, no meu blog pessoal. Porque não vale a pena repetir, leiam aqui.

Mais fotografias do trabalho realizado ontem na aula de pintura, aqui. E ainda o site do músico autor desta música maravilhosa, Rodrigo Leão.

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