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My desk has been nothing but a huge to-do list of things that I´ve been carefully crossing as I complete them. It seems like finally my website will be ready soon, as I´m just waiting for some style sheet changes from the programmer. All contents are uploaded and ready to be showed to the broad audience that is the internet. In the meantime, if you´re curious about what I´ve been doing, check my flickr photostream, which seems to be easier to update. At least all the programming is on the flickr´s team side – and what a great job they´ve done!

In the meantime, I´ll leave you with this photo of a series of skeins of wool I bought last thursday for the things I hope I manage to knit in time for Christmas.

Not totally unrelated, but certainly not to the point, I´ve realised I don´t suffer from the so widespread startitis I read of on the internet. I only have one project on the needles at any given time. (Now it´s the time to ask, am I normal?)

More of what I´ve knit here.

More desks via kootoyoo´s blog.

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