September 11th, 2008

Seven years gone by and I´m still amazed by the violence of the events of that day.

I don´t think there´s much I can write about it without repeating what so many people already have said. I remember watching the Tv screen in disbelief, hoping somewhere that this was a crappy, bad-taste Hollywood movie kind of joke. I remember having the feeling World War III would start on the next moment. I´m glad it didn´t, but I´m sad that the fear has been installed unto the people, the normal people who lead absolutely normal lives.

I´m very sad that so many lost their lives or loved ones there. I hope that after Madrid (March 11th) it just doesn´t happen again. I know it´s a long shot, but I want to keep living in a world where clouds are white and fluffy and people are nice to strangers.