Buenos Aires by night

A three week vacation is perfect not only to forget about work but also to charge your batteries and start thinking about work again.

One of the projects I had in mind was to make a series of photographs under the theme “Buenos Aires by night”. This series will be available on my personal blog. Although I post in portuguese only, photos are images and images are worth a thousand words, they say.

The idea of a series of photographs is not an original one. I can think of SouleMama and FotoBen, to name just two bloggers.

I love photography and haven´t been much involved with it during the last few years. I think that for some reason my interest sailed a bit away, but it is definitely a port I want to go back to. Night photography is so difficult but it can be so rewarding: what I like the most is how those “mistakes” that blurry images are can be so beautiful. And that´s what I want to explore. And the city, too, as it is the city where I live now and the one that has adopted me for the time to come.

I hope you like the series too. There´s a button on the right hand side corner to give you easy access to it.


Uma das ideias que trago para pôr em prática na minha pequena “rentrée” é a de captar e publicar aqui uma série de trinta imagens da cidade de Buenos Aires à noite.

A minha ideia não é original. Outros bloggers fazem séries semelhantes (lembro-me particularmente da SouleMama e do FotoBen) e a ideia parece-me tão interessante que a vou usar aqui com a expressão empregue pelo homem do marketing cá de casa: “share and reapply”. Gosto da ideia, gosto do compromisso, gosto de procurar imagens bonitas, gosto do efeito inesperado do erro na fotografia nocturna e quero partilhar tudo isso.

Espero que também gostem.

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