Maillot jaune | Camisola Amarela

This sweater was all the knitting I brought along with me for me three week vacation. And what did I do when I finished it, you may ask. Well, I finished it in a hurry on the last day of vacation.

First off: there´s absolutely no knitting in airplanes, specially on the routes I travelled. I didn´t want to risk losing my needles in some airport X-ray machine as circulars are terribly difficult to find here in Buenos Aires and live stitches floating aren´t really the best picture I can imagine.

Well, and then there´s general summer laziness. Knitting on the beach isn´t the best option either with all the sand (and playing with my niece). There were just too many other stimuli I reacted to and the sweater sat peacefully inside the knitting bag. It was basically fun.

(I finished a book and started a new one: “White Teeth” by Zadie Smith. Cannot recommend it enough!)

On the last day of vacation I did manage to squeeze in the time to photograph it before it went to washing and blocking, a task I trusted my mother with. I hope the recipient (well, the mum of the recipient) likes it and uses it.

My maillot jaune sweater isn´t certainly an accomplishment when it comes to speed but I did finish it in time. Just in time, I mean.

More images here.


A camisola amarela que aqui está foi tudo o que tricotei durante as férias. Pensei que a ia terminar mais rapidamente mas… enfim, as férias têm demasiadas distracções e o trabalho de turista cansa. Cansa tanto que à noite a única coisa que consegui fazer foi ler e dormir.

(Estou a ler “White Teeth” de Zadie Smith. Muito bom.)

Terminei-a, portanto, no dia da partida, a tempo apenas de a fotografar. A lavagem já ficou a cargo da minha mãe, a avó da pessoinha a quem se destina. Por ainda não sabermos se é menino, se menina, a escolha da cor foi esta.

Mais fotografias aqui.

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