Hair – not the musical!




These are some of the illustrations I did for Erin at Mankind Mag. The theme was her “Autohairography”, a very witty text about some hair-fashion landmarks through the eighties and the nineties, and how she went through hair-stilying phenomena like the peacock bang and other very impacting hairdos. (See some more images at flickr.)

In the middle of the process there were constraints that forced us to change the illustration´s style, into what you can now see at her autohairography and had this as a starting point:

Working with Erin was a good experience and great fun, as her text was so good and I was given lots of freedom. Big thank you to you, Erin!

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  1. design for mankind. says:

    Aww, Ana, you are a SWEETHEART! 🙂 Working with you was a highlight for me indeed! 😉

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