On my desk

I´ve been neglecting this poor blog the last few weeks but still you keep coming back and visit. Thank you so much for that! Well, the obvious reason is that I´ve been very, very busy doing design related work, meeting clients and finishing files to go for pre-press. The pre-vacation stress is taking its toll and I just can´t wait until saturday, the day we actually start our three-week vacation.

It will sound like a paradox but the summer semester in Goethe-Institut started this week and today was my first class. I´ll be missing the next three classes, but will try to keep reading in german, so that I don´t disconnect totally. I promise no homework, but I´ll fondly think of my classmates when I sit at the beach soaking up the sun and staring and the sea. If the weather helps, that is!

Today I was pleased to receive my german language exam results and actually very glad I decided to take it: studying for it made me learn and memorize a lot more than if I had decided not to. So the good results were the cherry on top of the cake. Next year, same time, same place, next level´s exam!

On my desk there´s tea, of course, my faithful and reliable computer (has been working very hard these past few weeks… hmmm, actually, “these past few months” would be more accurate, but never mind) and my pocket moleskine where all doodles and ideas land. I´ve got to-do lists, books, my agenda and sheets of A4 paper scattered everywhere, but there´s nothing like good cropping to make it look organised.

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