On my desk today

My messy desk

The almost finished baby placket sweater

The couple of weeks before leaving on holiday are usually terribly busy. There are some projects that I just don´t want to leave incomplete before going. The best part is that new projects keep on coming, which is very good, considering I´m a freelancer.

Well, on my desk there are lists of things to do, there are some letters cut out of paper, left around after not using them in a preivous illustration (I like to look at them and maybe someday I´ll know what to use them for) and there´s my tea – of course.

The baby sweater is almost finished – I haven´t had a lot of knitting time, lately, and that´s such a pity…

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  1. stephanie levy says:

    What a nice blog you have. Good luck on the sweater, it looks beautiful.
    And you are learning German, sehr gut!!

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