On my desk

My Wednesday “on my desk” post is actually on Thursday. This has been such a hectic week, and after having busy weekends with friends visiting or travelling to visit friends, days go by without my having time to even post.

I´ve been working on several new design projects for a very good client and that has been filling my days up completely. Whenever I´m waiting for an answer via email, I frame some of the papercuts that I did during the last few months and knit a few more stitches on my very first sock (top-down; I started one toe-up but had a bit of trouble reading the instructions and unfortunately can´t find videos about it…). It´s also my first time knitting with dpn´s and I´m just trying to get hang of it.

See the tea? There it is, as usual!

ETA: I´ve added a button to my side bar so that you can go directly to Kootoyoo´s for more desks.


  1. Maureen says:

    I think those cuts are just amazing. I would love to see you in action doing it sometime because in some way I just can’t fathom it.

    And I think I’m missing the cup of tea??

  2. design for mankind. says:

    Your papercut is FANTASTIC!!!!!!

    And thanks for your sweet words, dear Billy. 😉

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