On my desk

It´s already Thursday and, once again, I´m a day late blogging about what´s on my desk. Wednesdays are half-work days for me because I have german class the whole morning. One wouldn´t believe how much energy the class drains out from me. Don´t get me wrong, I love to study german and being in class is, despite of tiring, very… (I´m lacking the words here!) every entertaining and interesting and engaging. Yes, maybe that´s the engaging part of it that takes so much energy.

When I get back from german class I only have half a day to go through with projects and the daily chores, so I guess that blogging just comes after all that.

Well, so here´s what was on my desk yesterday: a new papercut (I can´t show more of it just yet because it´s a birthday present) and the usual stuff: my tablet, loads of water, loads of magazines, well, you know what I mean with “loads of”. Basically, what looks clear is just the cutting board!

See you next Wednesday and make sure to check out other desks via Kootoyoo.

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