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Have you ever wished you were “more creative”?

Have you ever looked at a project and thought: I wish I could do that?

Maybe you are feeling you’re not creative enough, talented enough, expert enough. Perhaps you think a new craft will take up a lot of time, space and money in your budget.

The air Embroidery Club is for you if you want to connect your hands with the desire you feel deep within you of expressing yourself in a crafty way. When you join the Club, you will give yourself the joy of seeing a beautiful image appear before your very eyes, made with your own hands. You will gain in self-confidence, ability and recognize the natural talent you have in you.


When you tap into your creativity and pick up a needle, you realize your talent was already there and embroidery is a fun and inexpensive way of expression.


Embroidery is for grannies, I hear many people saying.

I’m not good with crafts!

Embroidery is very expensive.

or This is too advanced for my abilities.

That’s what I thought, too!

Until one day curiosity won me over and I tried my hand with needle and floss, instead of pen and paper.

With step-by-step instructions, clear images and diagrams, and special embroidery tutorials, you will complete your project sooner that you thought and feel proud of it.


You will realize your embroidery is the perfect companion while waiting for your appointment, it is inexpensive and very, very fun. You will learn how to create the art you want to have on your walls, with your own hands.

“[After completing a monthly project, I feel] Good. I enjoy the simple stitches, and find them most soothing to complete.”

(Holly H., USA)


My name is Ana Isabel Ramos and I love that my initials spell “air”. I feel this is no coincidence, because one of the first lessons I learnt while studying graphic design was that the white on a page was as important as what was printed.

No wonder this has influenced my sketchbooks and illustrations, and today it feeds my embroideries too. A few years ago I challenged my notion that embroidery was difficult and found in it a fantastic way to translate into fabric my passion for line drawing.

Today, what I want to share with you is the joy of making the art you want to hang on your walls; the feeling of satisfaction and pride when looking at it; and the fun of seeing an image growing in front of your eyes.

“My embroidery skills were close to zero. After completing an air Embroidery Club project, I feel fulfilled and proud of the finished embroidery.”

(Cristina S., Portugal)


The air Embroidery Club is an online membership subscription club you can join for 6 or 12 months. This is how it works:

  • every first day of the month, you receive a fresh embroidery template in your email inbox

  • delivered on a pdf file, each template contains detailed step-by-step directions to take you from the beginning to the end of the project

  • with each template, you will have plenty of photographs to guide you

  • each template includes the story behind each embroidery

  • membership is payable via paypal or bank transfer (email me for details)

  • members have access to patterns 6-12 months before the general public

  • membership can be given as a gift (email me for details)


“Since joining the air Embroidery Club, I feel more inspired and curious, and am eager to try new embroidery techniques.”

(Cristina S., Portugal)

“I love it when I finish an air Embroidery Club project. I’m happy to think of it as team work, combining creativity and skill. I like to imagine new projects with the finished embroidery: wall art, an embroidered quilt, embroidered blankets… So many ideas!”

(Guida Ramos, Portugal)


Cool, right? Join now to start making your first embroidery. In two weeks, your first art piece will be proudly hanging on your wall!

Six month membership: 25€* | Twelve month membership: 45€*

(*plus 23% Portuguese VAT)

These were the questions I had when I first started embroidering:

What supplies shall I use?

This is a fun one. Let me break it down for you:

  • fabric: after testing many different fabrics, I recommend a basic cotton that could be used as a bed sheet. In your local shop, touch the fabric and try to imagine if this could be used on your bed. If so, that’s the right one. Go for a light color when starting out, so that the transferred embroidery template is visible.

  • hoop: a basic wooden, circular, 7in or 17cm in diameter hoop is ideal for these templates. They’re not to large nor too small and all templates are designed to fit into it.

  • thread: I love DMC Cotton Perlé in size 8, but there are other fine brands in the market. Be sure to choose size 8.

  • needles: a pack of assorted needles is your best friend. To test the size, use a needle on your fabric and see if doesn’t leave a hole. Now, insert the thread through the eye of the needle. Does it glide easily through it? You found the correct size!

  • marker: I love “Mark-B-Gone” pens because they are easily washable (do not expose marked fabric to sunlight or heat, as this will fix the ink on the fibre of your fabric, becoming unwashable). I know these pens may not be easily accessible, so I also recommend a fabric pencil, usually made of washable wax. Tailor’s chalk may also be another option. Before I bought any of these, I used a soft pencil (3B and up) to transfer the image. Your fabric will need a thorough wash afterwards.

How long does it take to complete a project?

I know I’m very busy with life so I like to keep my embroidery on the pleasure side. Projects usually take about three afternoons to complete, but it all depends on your own pace. You will easily be able to complete a project within the month; but if you don’t, don’t worry.

Will there be directions?

Yes! Step-by-step instructions will take you from the beginning to the end of the project without hassle.

Will there be any language options?

Yes: templates will be available in English and Portuguese and are profusely illustrated with photos.

I’m new to embroidery, is this for me?

Yes! Actually, I wish I had belonged to an embroidery club when I first started. Instructions are detailed and you can always ask any questions you may have.

I’m an advanced embroiderer, is this for me?

Yes! You may want to use a different stitch to trace the design, or fill the shapes. You can use my design as a starting point and stitch it anyway you like. And that’s fun! I can’t wait to see your embroidery!

How much does it cost?

Prices are 25€ for a 6 month subscription and 45€ for a 12 month subscription. (Portuguese VAT not included, applies to purchases in Portugal only.)

Price of supplies depends on brand chosen and where you are making your purchase. The following are estimates only: basic cotton fabric (half yard around 3€), assorted colors of DMC Cotton Perlé (around 4€ per ball), an embroidery hoop (around 8€), pencil or marker (4€). Remember that most of the supplies last for many months!

What are the payment options?

You can pay by paypal (press the “buy now” button below) or by bank transfer (email me for details).

Ready to start making your own art? Join now and hang your first embroidery project in just one month!