Hi! Thank you for your interest in my work.

My name is Ana, I’m a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and content creator from Lisbon, Portugal. I draw, paint, play, write, embroider and knit from my studio in the beautiful Príncipe Real area. I’m also the co-founder and owner of abbrigate*, my brand of handmade baby blankets.

My passion is to tell stories of the people and the places around me, both at home and on my travels.

When I’m working, I strive to bring clarity to my clients through powerful visual artwork. Using the tools of visual design, art and illustration, I help my clients convey their message in a clear and beautiful way.

I am also a fierce advocate of creating beauty around us, and I love making things with my hands and teaching others to do the same. 

I work with:

  • small startups and medium sized businesses who need an expert to translate their message into a visual language;

  • large NGOs who need help explaining visually what they do;

  • publications in need of powerful art for their pages;

  • individuals who want to communicate visually, and need a designer to help strategize and execute their vision;

  • individuals who want to create beauty around them and don’t know where to start.

Is that you? Get in touch or read more.


I am an introvert (who appears to be extrovert!) who loves to connect meaningfully with people. I have lived in three different continents and six different countries, which makes it easier for me to understand you and your needs, and bring you the best results. I am an avid learner, and I won’t stop researching until I fully understand your message. I love making things and creating beauty with my hands, giving my clients a unique solution crafted specifically for their needs.

If you want to take a peek behind the scenes and access all the free content I have for my community, please sign up below. You will find back issues of my illustrated e-zine We’re in Panama!, later titled airing from Lisbon, as well as a free illustration and many embroidery tutorials.


My lovely clients at the Magnolia Inn have said the following about working with me:

“As far as working with Ana, in all honesty she is a pleasure to work with. She does what she says and when she says she will do it. Ana was always prompt when responding to our feedback. She listened to our ideas and incorporated them into the sketches like we wanted. And her sketches are beautiful and fun and detailed with an air of whimsy to them… they’re great”.

 By the way, I loved working with them too! And the same is true about working with Maria João, who says:

“O trabalho de design é bastante complexo, pois implica a capacidade de conciliar o trabalho técnico com gostos pessoais do cliente, o que acredito nem sempre seja fácil de conseguir. Ao trabalhar com a Ana, sempre a senti dedicada e bastante preocupada em ir de encontro ao que eu pretendia,conseguindo encontrar soluções criativas e perfeitamente alinhadas com os meus interesses e gostos. Só tenho elogios e recomendo vivamente o seu trabalho!”

Maria João Ceitil, coach, formadora e consultora em Recursos Humanos

I have had the privilege of seeing my work featured:


I work for clients in Europe, North, Central and South America and would love to work with you too.

Incomplete client list:
World Food Programme, United Nations (Panama)
Levend Beriker & Associates (Turkey)
Alta Bering (Canada)
Magnolia Inn (Panama)
Unilever (Portugal)
Rosa&Teixeira (Portugal)
ev+pp arquitectos (Argentina)
Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa (Portugal)
Geota (Portugal)

Want to work with me?

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  1. ceu curado says:

    Olá,gostaria que me pode-se facultar a receita em portugues da camisola dos mochos, porque a minha filha esta apaixonada por essa camisola só k ha um problema eu não consigo perceber quase nada da receita em ingles.
    com os melhores cumprimentos
    céu curado

  2. fernanda Cruz says:


    Encontrámo-nos, esta manhã, na Távi …
    Já entrei no seu blog, mas apenas por uns breves momentos. Tenho que ver com mais tempo…
    Se quiser ver os meus álbuns de fotos, com alguns dos meus trabalhos, no FB, estou com o nome de Fernanda Cruz e a foto é de um origami (são seis caixas em origami, que
    que formam um hexágono,

    Também criei um blog: opeixinhodepapel.blogspot.com, mas quando criei conta no FB, acabei por não voltar a usá-lo, estando, portanto
    muito desactualizado.

    Tive muito gosto em a conhecer e vou passar a “frequentar” o seu site e blog.

    Um abraço
    Fernanda Cruz

    • air says:

      Olá Fernanda! Que bom já estarmos em contacto. Mandei-lhe mensagem pelo ravelry, recebeu? Um beijinho!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Hi Ana,
    Just thought you would like to know that under the heading feather stitch, (on the vault page) your text says ” A free and easy to follow tutorial to my favorite stitch: backstitch”.

    I just signed up for your newsletter and your embroidery course. Any idea when you are going to launch the course?


    • air says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      Welcome and thanks for the heads up!

      The course is already live! It starts every Monday, so if you signed up today, you will receive lesson 1 next Monday. This is to allow students to gather all the materials and get all set.

      Hope you like it!

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