“We’re in Panama!”, issue 30: can you spot the bear?

We're in Panama, issue 30

This month’s issue is about our trip to the US, first to Florida, then to California. Download it here, for free, as usual.

On the West Coast, we visited Yosemite National Park – which I loved.

While there, we saw so many bear warnings, road signs saying speeding kills bears, how to react in the presence of bears, how to always have your food in a bear-proof container. Alas, bears are not so easy to spot, and when you do it may actually be very scary.

So you can imagine our reaction when driving back to the hotel we saw one on the road! It took me sometime to realize what it was, and my reaction was, first, to scream: “it’s a bear, it’s a bear, it’s a bear!”, and only then to reach for the camera.

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So, my challenge to you is: can you spot the bear on the zine? It is elusive, I know, and for the sharpest-eyed only. Will you take the challenge?

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