New cushion covers

I'll be embroidering this fabulous portrait my 7yo niece made of us. :) #ikeahacking #embroidery

And this is me. :) #ikeahacking #embroidery

I know how biased I am in the following assessment: my nieces are the cutest, smartest, brightest, most artistic kids ever. (I know. My judgment is not clouded in any, any possible way.)

My seven-year old niece drew these portraits of us, and I´m going to embroider on the ikea pillow covers we bought during our last trip to Portugal (there is no ikea here in Panama). I like the idea of ikea-hacking, but mostly I like the idea of converting those sketches in something long-lasting. And I love how she depicted the stub on his face and the birthmarks on mine.

This is going to be fun!

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