In Uppercase!

In Uppercase!

In Uppercase!

Yesterday, while going through my freshly arrived copy of Uppercase Magazine, I had a (happy-)shock: my work is featured there!

I´m so happy!

If you haven´t yet, go buy yourself (or someone you love) a subscription to Uppercase. Every issue is filled with inspiration from many countries in the world. I specially like the fact that it focus mainly on small scale entrepreneurs in creative fields, people who decided to follow their own path.

That makes me even happier to be featured there, specially knowing that working on your own as a freelance artist is sometimes very hard.

Thank you, Uppercase!


  1. Leonor Veiga says:

    Fantastic dear!
    I am too, very proud of you 🙂

    Maybe they have Uppercase in Indonesia? Don’t think so, I try..
    Looks very interesting,


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